AGAVE LEAF Holistic Cleansing Cloth

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Agave Leaf Cleansing Cloth is made of 100% Pure Agave Leaf Fiber. A gentle exfoliator for your face and body, she enhances every cleansing ritual with an invigorating massage while leaving your skin incredibly smooth and supple. Our agave fiber comes from the rapidly renewable, wild-grown agave plant and only takes one use to transform into a softer, tightly knit cloth. She is completely biodegradable, free from harmful synthetics, mold-resistant, naturally antibacterial, and makes even the most sensitive skin happy — all reasons why Agave Leaf Cleansing Cloth is a must-have if you are seeking a holistic and sustainable cleansing cloth.

The perfect plastic-free, zero-waste alternative to popular facial brushes and other cleansing devices (as well as one-time-use facial wipes). 100% pure agave fiber. Harvested, handspun and handwoven by a women's fair trade co-op in Mexico.

*For best results before first time use, place Agave Leaf Cleansing Cloth in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes to transform the fibers into a tightly knit, soft cloth, releasing its gentle exfoliating properties.

TIP: Based on our experience, a single cloth will last approximately 3-5 months when used during daily cleansing rituals. It can then be repurposed as a house cleaning cloth.

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