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14 Ways Ampoules Are Better Than Other Skin Treatments

14 Ways Ampoules Are Better Than Other Skin Treatments

Ampoules in skincare are a rising beauty trend in the U.S. spurred by their long-known benefits in Korean Beauty. It’s important to become well-versed in exactly what they are and how they differ from other treatments, such as serums, essences, and facial oils, because ampoules are becoming increasingly popular for their targeted, potent, fast-acting effects on the skin. Not to mention, they haven't profoundly made their way into the truly clean, plant-based beauty world -- until now.


The Definition of Ampoule (And How To Pronounce It)

Ampoule blue drop

The definition of an ampoule is a fundamental place to start. According to Merriam & Webster, an ampoule (am·​poule | \ ˈam-ˌpyül  , -pül\) is a sealed glass vial containing a liquid, especially a measured quantity ready for injecting. P.S. It’s ok if you don’t know how to pronounce it; it’s not every day that you see the French word ampoule afterall! In case the above wasn’t enough of a hint, we’ll help you out by letting you know there are TWO correct ways to pronounce it: ampOOL (like a swimming “pool”) or ampYOOL (like “yule”tide during the holidays). And now you can say it like a pro!

So back to the definition of ampoule -- sounds intense, right? Injecting??? Well, this is where we have to clarify that ampoules in skincare are obviously different than ampoules used in medical treatments such as shots. Ampoules in skincare won’t hurt (at least they shouldn’t!) and have no needle involved. The similarities are that a measured amount of an effective ingredient for targeted treatment are present within the formula. The term “ampoule” in skincare is used as a nod at the specific, highly-concentrated doses of ampoules in the medical field to delineate the skincare treatments’ superiority from other skincare products for a particular use.


Different Kinds of Ampoules

namaste ampoule

As with any skincare products, ampoules come in different shapes and sizes. They are typically smaller than other skincare products since they are ultra-concentrated. They can also be water-based or oil-based. They especially vary in the active ingredients that they contain; this is because different ampoules have different target skincare concerns. And ampoules also vary in the amounts of synthetics vs. natural ingredients they have, as well as toxic vs. nontoxic ingredients. From our experience, there aren’t many options for ampoules in the clean beauty industry, let alone ampoules that are made with sustainability in mind (typically they are a one-time use product with unnecessary waste). This is why we at Earth Harbor set out to create our own line of nontoxic, synthetic-free, earth-friendly ampoules with only non-GMO ingredients, nature's healing abilities, and sustainable packaging. As with all Earth Harbor products, our ampoules live at the intersection of science and nature.


How to Use Ampoules

Girl using ampoule

For brevity’s sake, we are going to discuss how to use oil-based ampoules rather than both oil-based and water-based ones. This is because at Earth Harbor we aim for the most sustainable options available, and thus, we have waterless formulas. Furthermore, we chose to use oil-based ampoules after months of research and development because the molecular composition of the concentrated botanical oils we studied penetrated the skin more effectively while reacting better with your skin’s natural microbiome. Aka. We believe a correctly formulated oil-based ampoule is more effective for helping you reach your skin goals, not to mention, a little bit goes a longer way! Note that for certain targeted goals, such as hydration with hyaluronic acid or exfoliation with phyto-acids, water-derived formulas reign supreme -- and we’ll touch on that towards the end of this blog post when we discuss our serums!

A Few Notes About Using Ampoules

- Ampoules are safe to use as much or as little as you’d like for as long as you’d like -- this is the beauty of safe botanical skincare.

- As with any new skincare product, it takes a complete cellular renewal cycle (approximately 28 days) to truly experience the effects it will have on your skin.

- If you are making the switch to "active" formulas that are strictly plant-based, synthetic-free, and have no fillers, then we suggest easing into using Earth Harbor's ampoules. We know it's tempting to dive right into new products, but your skin needs time to adjust to the new ampoule by using it every third day for about a week, and then working your way to using it every other day, and then eventually every day as needed. That way you reduce sensitivity and your skin is able to purge artificial chemicals from previous, unclean products. It's worth the wait for this long-time companion!



1. Ampoules are hyper-targeted treatments that can be placed directly onto cleansed and toned skin using the dropper top that comes on the glass bottle container.

2. Use two or more drops every day and night for two weeks for quicker results, and then after that timeframe, just use as needed to maintain results.

3. Use prior to serums or moisturizers. *Know that even though our ampoules are oil-based, they are designed to go before water-based products and do not change the efficacy of water-based products that are applied afterwards due to the ampoules’ choice molecular structures. In fact, they enhance the effects of all Earth Harbor serums and moisturizers. Simply massage the ampoule(s) in until they are fully absorbed, and follow with other desired products for maximum benefit.

Tip! Another effective way to use our ampoules is to mix in 1 or more ampoules with any Earth Harbor moisturizer, serum, or facial oil. Simply add a couple drops of desired ampoules and swirl them around with the aforementioned product you choose before applying to your face! The ampoules were specifically formulated to be potently versatile in order to condense steps for you while personalizing your skincare ritual! That’s one of our fave things about these safe, nontoxic, purely natural ampoules!


How Are Ampoules Different Than Other Skincare Treatments and Facial Oils?

ampoule drop

We can speak to this for our own ampoules only, and we're excited to do so! Here's our list of 14 reasons ampoules are leading-edge treatments for reaching specific skin goals!

Earth Harbor Ampoules:

  1. Use advanced green technology to focus on specific skincare needs. This is why they are known as “purely natural hyper-targeted treatment solutions.”
  2. Are created based on biomimicry: an innovative botanical tech that draws upon the biological processes and systems of nature and our bodies.
  3. Have a much higher measured amount of hyper-effective bioactive ingredients than what is typically reported in other facial oils or treatments; aka. they are formulated to precision.
  4. Are not formulated to be all-encompassing for all skin concerns. This is because when you generalize a product, you are likely to miss the needs of anyone that doesn’t have the average skin type or average skin needs. And let’s be real, rarely do any of us actually have “normal” skin, so this is a big deal. 
  5. Contain only non-GMO, wildcrafted, and organic ingredients because science shows that the amount of nutrients and beneficial properties is dramatically increased when plants are grown these ways.
  6. Are created with the absolute highest-grade oils. This includes not only therapeutic-grade oils, but also pharmaceutical-grade oils and oils that are GCMS tested.
  7. Go beyond standard extraction methods by using organic chemistry and homeopathic knowledge to holistically extract each unique active.
  8. Are engineered on a cellular level to have the highest and deepest amount of skin penetration possible, not just another moisture barrier for skin.
  9. Has every ingredient carefully researched and selected out of thousands of other potential botanical ingredients globally to ensure it is the most high-performing, clinically-proven ingredient for your specific skincare concern that nature has to offer (and nature has the BEST offerings!).
  10. Contain no water and none of the oils within them are used as filler or carrier oils, thus adding to their extreme potency and effectiveness.
  11. Are formulated based on scientific evidence of each ingredient being effective for the specific skin concerns they address.
  12. Are specifically designed to be mixed, layered, and blended with other Earth Harbor ampoules and/or other Earth Harbor products in order to give the most personalized and customizable natural skincare solution available anywhere. This allows Earth Harbor products to evolve and change along with your skin to offer you the best natural skincare support possible. We guarantee that you will find the perfect skincare solution to help you reach your skincare goals through Earth Harbor’s skincare line!
  13. Have added therapeutic elements of enjoyment because we want you to fall in love with your ampoule. This includes thoughtfully crafted aromatherapy experiences and beautifully emollient oils that feel amazing while they beautifully sink into your skin.
  14. As always, are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, soy free, ethically sourced, sustainable and gluten free -- because when it comes down to it, we believe this all makes a difference in your skin.

Which Ampoule Do I Use and When?

Earth Harbor Effective Skincare Treatment Diagram

We created this super helpful graphic to answer these questions for you! If you're interested in even more detail, keep reading because we take a deeper look at which treatment you should use for specific skin concerns!

marina biome brightening ampoule 

Marina Biome Brightening Ampoule: Brighten + Balance

TARGET CONCERNS: Uneven Skin Tone · Discoloration/Hyperpigmentation · Redness & Blotchy Skin · Unbalanced Microbiome


helios antipollution youth ampoule

Helios Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule: Repair + Prevent

TARGET CONCERNS: Pollution Control · Fine Lines & Wrinkles · Lack of Crucial Nutrients · Stressed Skin


aurora superfood luminance ampoule

Aurora Superfood Luminance Ampoule: Soothe + Glow

TARGET CONCERNS: Irritated Skin · Redness & Inflammation · Dull & Unhealthy Skin · Rosacea · Eczema · Psoriasis


namaste adaptogen clarity ampoule

Namaste Adaptogen Clarity Ampoule: Clarify + Heal

TARGET CONCERNS: Acne · Blemishes · Congestion · Blackheads · Large Pores · Excess Oil · Scarring


calypso rare rejuvenating oil

Honorary Ampoule (she’s really our facial oil moisturizer, but could totally be considered an ampoule if she wanted to be):

Calypso Rare Rejuvenating Oil: Replenish + Hydrate

TARGET CONCERNS: Dull or Dehydrated Skin · Lack of Essential Vitamins and Nutrients · Signs of Aging · Sensitive Skin


celestine hydra plumping peptide serum

Bonus: Don’t forget the serums! They have their very important time and place!

Celestine Hydra-Plumping Peptide Serum: Restore + Moisturize

TARGET CONCERNS: Dry & Rough Skin · Loss of Firmness or Elasticity · Fine Lines & Wrinkles


luna lei phyto resurfacing night serum

Luna Lei Phyto-Resurfacing Night Serum: Smooth + Renew

TARGET CONCERNS: Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation · Dull & Rough Skin · Signs of Aging · Excess Oil   


ampoule beauty

We hope you’ve learned all you wanted to know and more about ampoules! They’re amazing little natural treatments that pack a serious punch in every skincare arsenal. Ampoules are a relatively undiscovered, yet necessary part of any serious skincare routine that every skincare type and skin concern greatly benefits from. 

Reach out to us at if you have any other questions about ampoules or need help choosing the perfect one for your skin! Also feel free to drop a question or comment below! Thanks, sunshine!


marina ampoule

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