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Earth Harbor's Sustainability Transparency Program

Earth Harbor's Sustainability Transparency Program

At Earth Harbor, we've been committed to making a positive impact in sustainability before it was a buzzword. Our Founder + CEO has her Master's in Public Health specializing in environmental health, is a published researcher, and former environmental social enterprise co-founder! We are the only beauty company founded by a toxicologist and herbalist. We are making history as the first ever skincare brand to be Climate Neutral, Plastic-Negative, and 1% For The Planet® Certified. And we developed a first-of-its-kind plastic-free option with our line-wide refill program for starters...

We are dedicated to being an industry leader in sustainable skincare, thus, transparency about sustainability and accessibility is very important to us, so we launched a Sustainability Transparency Program and the email, which is our main line of communication for all things sustainability. Drop a line at to reach us with any questions about all things related to our sustainability efforts while we continue to roll out easy-to-find information including, but not limited to: formulas, packaging, recycling, manufacturing, sourcing, measurable outcomes, evidence-based best practices, and charitable giving.

Dive into our ever-expanding Sustainability Transparency Program, and discover what makes us unique in our sustainable standards and practices. Plus, stay tuned for more exciting sustainability launches to further our ever-evolving efforts. 





    • Carbon Neutral
    • Plastic Negative through Plastic Credit Exchange
    • Versatile products that fight waste
    • Donate to ocean conservation and solving the water crisis
    • Ever-evolving with best practices
    • Small family business
    • Made by us in small batches in our own studio
    • Toxicologist founded + audited



    • 100% reusable and recyclable packaging
    • Zero-waste refills + plastic-free option
    • First-of-its-kind reusable product dispenser
    • Recycling program through Pact Collective
    • Flint glass containers only; includes recycled glass
    • Aluminum & post-consumer resin closures, including ocean waste plastic
    • 100% compostable shipping packaging, even the tape
    • Sustainable forests and post-consumer materials
    • No unnecessary packaging ever
    • Eco-friendly ink and labels



    • Nearly 100% locally-sourced packaging, within 50 miles
    • Responsible, in-house ingredient sourcing and ethical trade 
    • Partner with local farmers for repurposing waste
    • Source many plant extracts from local farmers and herbalists
    • Source upcycled ingredients whenever possible
    • Source 100% non-GMO ingredients, focusing on certified organic and EcoCert
    • Only work with companies that prioritize sustainability
    • Transport with carbon neutral shipping whenever possible



    • Proudly make 95%+ of our products in-house
    • Earth-conscious product manufacturing  
    • Small-batch made
    • Solar-powered studio
    • Terracycle® Zero-Waste Program
    • In-house Sustainability Committee 
    • Zero-waste wherever possible
    • Mindful of full product lifecycles



    • Overseen by an environmental health specialist/toxicologist
    • 100% non-GMO, organic, and/or wildcrafted ingredients
    • Ocean-friendly formulas
    • Modular formulas for low-waste, conscious consumerism 
    • 100% vegan, no added soy, and no added gluten


    We Love Certifications (and Are Striving for More):

    • 1% For The Planet®
    • Carbon Neutral (Climate Neutral®)
    • Plastic Negative (Plastic Credit Exchange®)
    • EU Certified
    • ISO Good Manufacturing Practices
    • Pact Collective
    • Forest Stewardship Council®
    • Leaping Bunny®
    • PETA® Vegan & Cruelty-Free
    • Nontoxic (Think Dirty®)
    • Campaign For Safe Cosmetics™
    • Truth In Labeling™
    • Independent Beauty Association®
    • Local Sourcing (Utah’s Own®; Georgia Grown®)
    • Ethical Source (EcoCert® or Fair Trade for individual ingredients)
    • USDA Organic or Non-GMO (for individual ingredients)
    • Woman-Owned (Female Founder Collective®)

    Everything is In-house (a Beauty Industry Rarity):

    • We make everything but our sunscreen in our own certified lab 
    • Employee approximately 40 people in our local community
    • Chemist-made
    • Conscious manufacturing
    • Toxicologist audited
    • Each batch is quality tested
    • Sustainable sourcing
    • Filling and packaging
    • Warehousing
    • Fulfillment
    • Customer service
    • PR and marketing
    • … And all in between! 


    More on Our Origins:

    • Founded by an herbalist, health scientist, & humanitarian engineer
    • Neurodivergent Founder + CEO (ASD, formerly known as Asperger’s & OCD)
    • Started with $2000 saved during difficult times
    • Began in farmers' markets
    • Moved from our 100 sq ft treehouse to 11,000 sq ft studio in 3 years
    • Grassroots with no funding, no loans, no prior independent wealth
    • A thriving small family business grown out of personal hardships
    • Read more about our origins here 


    And Let’s Not Forget:

    • We back up claims with Consumer Perception Tests and peer reviewed research
    • We third party test formulas and batches
    • We have a Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality Council
    • We adopt a sea turtle every season
    • We host a local beach cleanup every season
    • We donate $1 for every product review to a different environmental non-profit each month
    • We are always striving to do better
    • And honestly so much more… 

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