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Complete Skincare Layering Guide

Complete Skincare Layering Guide

This is one of our most Frequently Asked Questions, and an important one! What order do I apply the skincare products in?

Use whatever gems you want in the order below.
Tip: After cleansing, apply products that are least occlusive to most occlusive (essentially, thinnest to thickest).

1. Cleanse:

2. Tone:

3. Essence:

4. Serum:

5. Ampoule:

6. Eye Cream:

7. Neck Cream:
8. Moisturizer:

9. Facial Oil:

10. Balm:

11. SPF:

Remember to use these products in the specified order, and adjust your skincare ritual based on your skin type and specific concerns. Consistency is key to achieving the best results.

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