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How to Cope With Seasonal, Life & Skin Changes This Fall

How to Cope With Seasonal, Life & Skin Changes This Fall

As September wanes and the lazy days of summer come to a close for the Northern Hemisphere, sails will lower and many will cross their docks for the last time this year. Endless summer will be put on hold, and the normal routine of life will start its cycle once again. 

Fun in the sun is a favorite activity of ours, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t appreciate all parts of life— new seasons included. There’s a magical feel that comes with the start of fall, and we’d like to take a moment to celebrate it. For some fall means a daily routine, a crispness in the air, and a crunch of leaves underfoot. For others it’s a new world of possibilities as children board school buses to learn something new each day. 

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End of Summer; Endless Possibilities

For every season there is a purpose, and while summer is perhaps meant to teach us to slow down and enjoy the simple things, fall gives us an anticipation of what could be. Fresh school supplies, new goals, and uncharted waters are ahead. It’s a new season of wonder. Endless summer has indeed been paused, but it’s been replaced with endless possibilities on the horizon. If we discipline ourselves and push towards the goals we dream of each night there’s no telling what we could accomplish. 

Whether you are managing your own class schedule this fall or you are the full-time manager for some lovely littles in your life, getting (and keeping!) everyone on track can be a challenge. No matter how much we plan and prepare it is inevitable that homework will be forgotten, and the work commute will have time added as student carpools join the roads.  

While it’s true that life throws us things we don’t expect, we like to balance those moments with a consistent routine. Setting a good foundation keeps everyone grounded, and it will hopefully help keep your sanity as you sail your way through work, the school year and a host of activities that fill your calendars. 

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Plan Your Skin Care; There Are Changes Afoot!

Our experience tells us that good nutrition, a workout routine and self-care are the first things to go when heavy schedules ramp up. Our advice? Prioritize these things instead of putting them aside. We can’t make you eat healthier or swim laps, but we can suggest a quick and easy skin care ritual for you to build a strong foundation. These skincare gems are particularly good as the weather cools for the year!


 aloha love

1. Start with Aloha Love Cream Cleanser. Your skin needs a gentle (non-foaming) cleanse and a bit of softening as the weather turns a bit chillier. Replenish and smooth with your first mates seaweed and hibiscus. 


tidal rose

2. Tidal Rose Hydration Toner. Soothe your skin with a spritz of this heavenly spray to naturally tone skin, set your makeup and let yourself enjoy the process of getting ready each day. This gem protects by locking in moisture and continuing the skin softening process, so it’s a great option for days you skip makeup, too.



3. Aurora Superfood Luminance Ampoule. This time of year is when the Aurora Borealis becomes the most visible in the night sky; and there's no coincidence that it is also the optimal time of year to begin preemptively treating your skin with this phenomenal ampoule that bears the same name. Redness, irritation, dullness and dryness are some of the most common skin ailments during the cooler seasons, so be sure your skin is smooth sailing.



4. Celestine Hydra-Plumping Serum. Pump yourself up with some music as you continue to wake up and likewise plump up your skin cells with this magical little diva. Sleepy, dry skin has no place in your space, tidal babe!


aqua aura

5. Aqua Aura Eye Creme. It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. We all try to get 7-9 hours of sleep, but we know school, work, and (let’s face it) life doesn’t always allow that. This magical aura filled with plant oils and seaweed collagen will keep you looking fresh as you crunch across those leaves on your way to capture the day. 


siren silk

6. Siren Silk Moisturizer with a few drops of Calypso Facial Oil mixed in. Our Earth Harbor creators love new potions, and this one will keep your skin hydrated while lightening sunspots over time. Talk about a great two for one! 


nymph nectar reveal

A Special Sea-Worthy Note

Speaking of new potions, we have an announcement!

Keeping with the theme of new calendars, classes, and possibilities, we’d like to officially introduce you to our NEW product— officially releasing this Autumn!!! 

7. Nymph Nectar Superfruit Radiance Balm. End your busy day with cooler weather and this luxurious sleeping mask. We could write a line to tell you why she’s amazing, but we think our official description says it best.

“From the loving arms of island nymphs comes the sweetest and richest whipped nectar. A buttery beauty secret among the spirits of nature known to reveal pure radiance, induce youthful buoyancy, and impart  perfect hydration to your skin. As Sea Fruits and Tropical Superberries playfully melt across your face they insert a lively abundance of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, omegas, amino acids, and numerous other bio-actives necessary for achieving your best, bounciest, dewiest skin yet.

Formulated to be a deeply moisturizing whipped plumping balm for all skin types. She doubles as a superior rescue treatment and a deep moisturizer— especially for dry, mature, and sensitive skins. And did we mention… she smells like a walk through an island garden on a bright, sunny day. Happiness in a jar.”  

We hope you love this new skincare gem and that you can feel how much love we put into creating her! 

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Fall Is For Finding Fulfillment

Skincare rituals aside, fall is most importantly a time of year that marks the perfect opportunity to practice true self-love. In the beauty industry the expression of "self-love" is thrown around a lot, but we want to set the record straight on the true meaning of self-love and how you can work to attain it this season and onward. Get ready for this... because it has absolutely nothing to do with beauty (that's skin-deep, that is)! 

Lisa Olivera, a licensed therapist based out of Berkley, California who also spreads her wisdom on her popular instagram account, @lisaoliveratherapy,    describes it best— so we decided to not even attempt to paraphrase her sage advice:

"Let's be honest. Sometimes, when someone tells us to "just love ourselves", we might feel like rolling our eyes. It sounds nice, but it isn't always as easy as just doing it— especially if you've spent a long time doing the opposite.

I was recently thinking about how we have so many options to work our way towards feeling love for ourselves. There are so many practices we can regularly implement into our lives, even when we aren't quite sure how to "love ourselves". There are so many ways we can consciously choose to offer ourselves care, even if we don't quite love who we are yet. We can at least start building a foundation for ourselves.

I created this little chart (see below) as an example of how we can build our way towards expanding how we feel about ourselves. I think of all of these as fluid instead of static. It doesn't happen by trying to force ourselves to the top immediately; it happens by regularly practicing all the lower layers, and knowing through practice that our own sense of self-love might change and grow. And, even on days where it doesn't, we can still practice self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance as much as we're able to, which might look different day by day.

When we don't necessarily "love ourselves" and see that as some sort of moral failure, it makes us miss out on all the ways we DO show up and care for ourselves in different ways. Acceptance and compassion are, to me, just as important (if not moreso) than an everlasting state of self-love.

...I hope this takes some pressure off of figuring out how to "love yourself". Sometimes, implementing these practices is enough to help us eventually find our way closer to the top, moment by moment. And, as always... It's a practice."

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Fall Is Also For Feel-Good Fun!

The sea people at Earth Harbor wish you a wonderful fall and hope that all the plans you plan, dreams you dream, and feelings you long to feel (as well as a few fun surprises) find their way to you. As you fill your calendars, plan your schedules, and practice the pyramid of self-love, we hope you also add our cool-weather skin care regimen to your routine and consider trying our new Nymph Nectar! 

Comment below and let us know what goals you hope to achieve this fall. We’re cheering you on from the tropics!


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