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Say Hello to Our Adopted Sea Turtle, Krakatoa!

Say Hello to Our Adopted Sea Turtle, Krakatoa!

Meet our adopted Green Sea Turtle, Krakatoa!

When Krakatoa was found, she was lethargic and debilitated on the beach of Cumberland Island, GA. She had a severe wound on her front flipper and was underweight. Her shell was also covered with a heavy load of barnacles, algae, tubeworms, small crabs, and marine leeches.

Upon arrival at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Krakatoa received supportive fluids, antibiotics, and pain management medicine. Her flipper is miraculously healing, but it still needs many special treatments and a bandage to protect the wound. Therapeutic laser therapy is being used to help speed up the healing process. Krakatoa currently has limited use of her front left flipper due to a bone infection, but she is eating well and thriving in the rehabilitation tank!

Green Sea Turtles, like our little Krakatoa, can reach an adult size of nearly 500 pounds! She is an herbivore, feeding on vegetation such as seagrass, seaweed, and algae. And one day, when she is feeling all better, she will be released back into the wild! And when all goes well, she will return to the Georgia Coast every year in Spring to lay her eggs! We look forward to that day for our dear Krakatoa! Follow our blog to get updates on her progress and release date!

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