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The Earth Harbor Gift Guide!

The Earth Harbor Gift Guide!

We've created this thoughtful, straightforward gift guide so that you don't need to go on a treasure hunt to find the perfect self-care gems for everyone on your list! 

We appreciate you wanting to choose ethical, sustainable, and mindful products for everyone this year, too. It always creates a deep connection when people know you care not only about them, but about the greater good of humanity and the future of our planet. 

They'll love it when you mention that all of the Earth Harbor products you gift them are:

Purely Natural · No Synthetics · Vegan · Cruelty-Free · 100% Non-GMO/Organic/Wildcrafted · Nontoxic · Fair Trade · Sustainable · Woman-Owned · Gluten Free · Soy Free · No Fillers · Plant-Based · Food-Grade · Scientifically-Proven Ingredients · Therapeutic-Grade · Small Batch Made By USA Mermaids · 1% For The Planet Member®

Ok, time to dive right in to spreading cheer!

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For Your Mom

Since mom is the ultimate multitasker, she needs skincare that can keep up with her superwoman self while also living up to her high expectations— Siren Silk Multi-Tasking Hydration Creme is going to have her singing your praises. Add in a vial of Calypso Rejuvenating Moisture Elixir, and she’ll be glowing from the inside out (and vice versa)! It’s hard to keep it to just two for her since let’s be real, she deserves it all!

For Your Sister and/or BFF

Whether they’re a homebody or a globetrotter, Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer brings a magical feel to any moment and is also a must-have in any skincare ritual, especially during the cold winter months. Blessing your best-loved ones with hydrated, glowy skin this season never felt so fin-tastic! Throw in Tidal Rose Crystal Hydration Mist for all the high-vibe holiday feels, and you’ve just given the ultimate gift of self-love.

For Your Boyfriend or Hubby

It’s really not that you’re forcing self-care on him— it’s the gift he actually wants, but won’t ask for/just doesn’t know it yet ;). Citrine Sea Purifying Exfoliation Potion. He works hard and deserves some kick-backed pampering; this unisex sea salt scrub will make him feel like King Triton himself. That, and Helios Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule if you really want to up his game. This treatment oil also doubles as a beard + aftershave oil and is named after the handsome Greek God of the Sun. You can’t go wrong there.


For Your Boss

Make an awesome impression and be sure you score that holiday bonus like a boss. Gift him or her Aurora Superfood Luminance Ampoule and a Gemstone Massaging Comb + Gua Sha. Aurora Ampoule is a quick absorbing, versatile facial oil that they’ll never knew how they lived without, and one scalp rub with Gemstone Massaging Comb + Gua Sha will leave them more relaxed than they’ve felt all fourth quarter. You’ll see them sneaking in massage sessions at their desk for sure.


For In-Laws and Co-Workers

You need to pull through with a thoughtful gift here since you have such close ties with them. But don't fret it, because Cacao Cove Detoxifying Indulgence Mask is to the rescue — for both their skin AND your relationship with them! There’s no one who doesn’t love how this mask takes over the senses and brings back a flood of happy holiday memories. Also add Laguna Replenishing Body Serum to their gift for an all-over treat, and watch how all tension (both literal and metaphorical) melts away.


For Stocking Stuffers, Gift Exchanges, And Anyone You Just HAVE To Get a Gift

Mini kits are the ultimate, catch-all gift here. Dewy You Kit, Smooth Sailing Kit, or Glow On Kit. They’ll love discovering an experiential array of skincare gems that give them hydrated, healthy-feeling skin. Since both kits are curated for a wide range of skin types, either kit works well for pretty much anyone.


For Just-In-Case

Backup gifts are important because it happens to all of us every single year no matter how thorough our gifting list is… you forget about someone. Keep a few bottles of Beach Waves Ocean Hair Texturizer and a couple jars of Blue Crush Marine Perfecting Mask on hand to avoid the awkwardness. Between the island vibes and trendiness of these two products, they’re gifts anyone would enjoy so much!


Under $25

Click HERE for our most affordable collection! We know every penny can count this time of year, so it has all of our products that are $25 and less! 


Gift Cards

The best way to give friends and loved ones the meaningful gift of purely natural, ethical, and sensorial self-care! An Earth Harbor Gift Card lets them choose which Earth Harbor gems they want to dive into! Gift cards are delivered right away by email with a code and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.


Click here for the entire Holiday Gift Collection!



As always, feel free to reach out to us here if you need help finding the perfect Earth Harbor gem to gift your loved one!


*Updated to include more gift ideas!

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