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We're E.U. Certified!

We're E.U. Certified!

We are so excited to announce that we are o-fish-ally European Union certified! We know most of you don’t currently reside in the European Union, but….  in short, this means we successfully passed the rigorous process of cross-checking all ingredients, product recipes, ethics, and operations! 

Here’s an example of how in-depth the process for certification is: 11 chemicals are banned or restricted in the United States for use in cosmetics. In the European Union, there are 1,300+ banned ingredients!

To dive a little deeper, being E.U. certified means:

Ingredient Review

  • All ingredients, and their quantity and quality, are reviewed to ensure no EU-banned ingredients (all 1,300+) or unsafe ingredients are being used. 
  • A Safety Data Sheet and Certificate of Analysis are provided for each ingredient for every product; trace ingredients are also reported.


Aurora and Mermaid Milk

Challenge Testing

All formulas are Challenge Tested. These tests include Preservative Efficacy Testing, Physical, Chemical, and Microbiological Testing, as well as Stability and Compatibility Testing. 

  • Challenge testing “checks how effective the preservative system of the cosmetic product is and whether it is capable of withstanding various types of contamination during production, from the environment and from direct contact with the human body that the cosmetic product is exposed to, thereby guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of the product during its shelf life.” Source Link
  • Stability Testing is when the product is exposed to various conditions such as changing temperatures, humidity, UV light, and mechanical stress to verify it can withstand transportation and storage. Source Link

Being EU certified also means that all advertised claims on packaging are verified with clinical trials and that additional testing is conducted for analysis of allergens and irritation of each product.




Compliance with International Goods Manufacturing Practices

The manufacturer is contacted to ensure we are in compliance with International Goods Manufacturing Practices [GMP]. This verifies that:

  • All raw materials are sourced from ethical sources
  • No animal testing is done whatsoever
  • Product formulas are stable
  • Warehouse operations and practices are in compliance


  • Packaging for each formula is also tested for efficacy. This ensures that no migrations or leaching takes place between ingredients, trace substances, and packaging.  Source Link
  • Packaging is translated into the appropriate languages. This includes product descriptions, ingredients, and rituals.

This is an INCREDIBLE achievement for us and you as it guarantees you are receiving the most ethical, safest, and purest products possible when buying from Earth Harbor.


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