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What Makes Earth Harbor's 1% For The Planet Partnership So Significant?

What Makes Earth Harbor's 1% For The Planet Partnership So Significant?
Businesses like us that choose to partner with 1% For The Planet not only choose to donate a portion of sales, but go above and beyond. We...

  • Are required to donate at least 1% of ALL sales, regardless of profits made or expenses incurred, to our charitable partners
  • Donate 24/7, 365 days a year; no picking and choosing timeframes or promotions for donating to causes (but we do choose to do additional fundraising, too!)
  • Have a 100% company-wide commitment to donations that includes everything— all sales channels, retailers, products, etc; we don’t limit it to just our website sales or specific products
  • Are willingly audited each year to ensure transparency and that all donations are made as claimed
  • Meet 1% For The Planet community standards for setting a precedent in sustainability and ethics
  • Are only allowed to work with approved, credible nonprofits

All of this means Earth Harbor donates more than just a percentage of profits. This is key because the ‘profit’ a company makes can be determined in a lot of different ways and is often left vague, so as a consumer you don’t actually know the exact amount of your purchase that will end up being donated, if any... depending on a company’s expenses...when they donate a ‘profit’.

Example: If we make zero profit and have a ton of expenses on a sale (which happens in situations like subscription boxes) we are still bound to our 1% For The Planet agreement to donate at least 1% of those exchanges to bettering our planet.

Accountability is also key. 1% For The Planet assures you as a customer that we are donating and doing everything we claim to be. If you are purchasing from a company that claims to be donating a portion of their sales, but there is no third party to confirm this, then there’s no proof of them keeping that commitment. If you’re curious, asking a company if they have a third party audit is a fair thing to do!

We always donate more than 1% of our sales each year— but knowing all of this, all companies that are members of 1% For The Planet are truly unique, eh? And who knew how significant 1% could be!?

Learn more about our 1% For The Planet partners for saving the oceans and helping solve the global water crisis here.

Be 1% better.


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