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The Zero-Waste Decluttering Guide For Beauty

The Zero-Waste Decluttering Guide For Beauty

Hey all you natural beauties! Do you ever go over to your vanity or purse and think to yourself, “Wow. I have a lot of stuff. I’ve got to declutter.” (Especially now that quarantining has given us all way too much time on our hands.) 

The problem is that sometimes it can be super hard to be earth-friendly while you’re getting rid of stuff. It can seem like an impossible predicament. So, here are a few ideas for how to be zero-waste while you clean out your pile of beauty supplies. Keep your mind spinning while you read so you can think outside of the box in your own ways:

1. Upcycle 

At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought this, ended up forgetting, and then were lazy and threw the containers away. But the landfill filling ends here. So, let’s think again and make it happen! 

Do you need a container for earrings or tacks? Containers from moisturizers or foundation can be a perfect way to keep your little items in one place with a lid so they won’t spill all over the floor. Tall, skinny glass or plastic containers can be perfect for things like bobby pins so that you can put them in your bag and slide them out rather than having to rummage through and pick them apart. If you have a lot of containers, separate earrings and other accessories by color or style.

Try washing off the letters and graphics from your containers with lemon or vinegar to get a new, clean look. If you’re artsy, redesign containers and recyclable boxes and gift them to your friends to encourage them to start giving the earth a little extra love, too! You can even use empty containers for leftovers or your secret stash of quarantine snacks!

2. Reuse

Sometimes there are certain makeup containers that might seem useless once the product is gone. Take mascara containers, for example. Try washing your mascara brush to get a perfect eyebrow brush with a container to keep it from collecting dust and other particles. 

If you have medium-sized glass containers, clean them out and fill them with candle wax, a wick, and some essential oils to make a relaxing candle. Think outside the box. 

Do you ever experiment with your own DIY earth-lovin’ skincare? Give old containers new life by keeping your creations in your reused, resealable containers.

Aren't sure what to do with boxes? Protect your products and keep them organized while traveling (once social distancing and COVID 19 have calmed down of course) by keeping them in their boxes. You can easily unfold them and stow them away in between trips. If you're an organizing junkie, use boxes to sort smaller items in your bathroom, closet, or on the go.

3. Recreate

Be innovative! How can you turn old beauty products into something completely new—something that fills an eco-friendly need in your community today? 

Start by getting your products together and having a brainstorming sesh. What can you fill old, cleaned-out and sanitized containers with? What do people need? What would make your own life easier?

How can you use containers for your bathroom or kitchen items? Can you somehow break the containers down and remake them into something completely different?

Whatever you make could be not only the next eco-friendly home or fashion trend but also something that helps change the world for the better!

Also, great news! We’re starting up a refill program soon so you can avoid collecting clutter in the first place. Keep on the lookout for more information on that!

When you're trying out new products, look for low- or zero-waste packaging options instead of having to find a way to avoid letting your empty containers end up in landfills. Prevention is always better than remediation! Glass containers, FSC certified boxes (if products are in boxes), and 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging (like we have at Earth Harbor) are best!

Don’t limit yourself. Get your creative juices flowing. If a spark of inspiration hit you while reading this post, let us know! Share your ideas and insights in the comments below. 

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