Be Plastic-Free Dispenser

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Simple solutions make lasting impacts. This thought process led us to design a first-of-its-kind reusable + recyclable dispenser that can be used with any of our line-wide liquid refills to create a 100% plastic-free experience. With this option that replaces regular product tops, zero-waste just became more accessible.

This waste-free alternative allows you to retrieve and apply product without ever needing to use regular closures again (i.e. it replaces the need for dropper tops, spray tops, pump tops, etc.). The measured glass design makes it not only easy to see exactly how much product you’re retrieving, but also makes it endlessly recyclable. The Be Plastic-Free Dispenser was created with versatility in mind… an adaptable tool to meet the need of an array of lifestyle preferences, from the strictest connoisseur of zero-waste to a hybrid lover of low-waste.


Dip the Be Plastic-Free Dispenser in the bottle of liquid, sealing the dispenser’s tip with your pointer finger so the desired amount of liquid stays inside, then release the liquid onto your hand by lifting your finger off the tip of the dispenser. (Like when you’re playing with the drink inside of your straw at a restaurant.) 

Clean as needed with soap and water, particularly whenever you replace an empty product with a new refill. Store in a clean place (ex. repurpose old product bottles to store them individually!)

Tip: We recommend a designated dispenser for each different product you use. 

 *Listing is for one dispenser.


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