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5 Things to Consider When Reviving Your Skincare Routine

5 Things to Consider When Reviving Your Skincare Routine

We’ve all been there. Product after product after empty-promising product. Your skin is too oily. Too dry. Too red. And it’s not so much about trying to achieve some unrealistic beauty ideal as much as it is about feeling good in the skin you’re in. Irritation, breakouts, and dryness are never fun but don’t give up on having healthy skin just yet!

There are so many products out there promising to fix your skin because they fixed some photoshopped celebrity’s skin. But that’s really what the issue is, isn’t it? Your skin is not that celebrity’s or that model’s or your best friend’s skin. Your skin is your own skin, so you’ve got to find what works for you. 

So many skincare products are full of toxic chemicals that leave your skin irritated or gasping for hydration, so let’s look at the natural way to find a new skincare routine that works for uniquely you. 


1) Find a clean, ethical product similar to something that has worked for you in the past.

You know that time when you found that miracle product, but then you ran out and could never find it again? Or maybe you loved a cleanser or a lotion that you discovered was toxic and wasn't earth-friendly. What was it about that product that worked for your skin?

Pinpoint whether that product hydrated or exfoliated your skin or made it less oily than the product you are now using and try to find something new that does the same. Take a little self-evaluation of your skin and notice whether it tends to be dry, oily, sensitive, or a combination of things. Each type of skin will react to products and ingredients differently.

Glance through some of these skincare gems really quick to get an idea of what you might be looking for.


2) What parts of your daily life might be affecting your skin?

What are you doing every day that is affecting your skin? Do you work around food and oil that’s constantly getting in your skin? Do you sweat a lot or spend most of your time in the sun? There might even be simple, lazy habits that are affecting your skin like sleeping with your make-up on or rubbing lotion into your skin before washing the dirt off of your face.

Sweat. Dirt. Oil. It’s getting in your skin every day according to how you spend your time. You might not even realize how much these little things are affecting you. 

For example, one of the things that affects your skin the most is your level of sun exposure. 

We wish this wasn’t the case, but luckily there is a solution. Try using a nontoxic SPF sunscreen to protect your skin. Protecting your face from the sun can also protect you from burns, dark spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer. 

It might help to make a list of what you do on a daily basis and how it could be affecting your skin. As you build your new routine, find some skincare gems that target those issues. 


3) What are the essential steps? 

So many words get thrown around when it comes to skincare products, so it can be hard to know what’s essential and what’s extra or even harmful. Rubbing cheap chemicals on your skin can irritate and even burn your skinespecially if your skin is naturally dry or sensitive. 

You know that at Earth Harbor, we’re all about keeping it clean, natural and ethical, so keep that in mind as you start to build your new routine (which we like to refer to as a ritual!).

Here are the vital steps to a healthy self-loving skincare ritual:


Cleansing helps you remove all of the dirt and oil that collects in your pores. Make sure to cleanse often such as once in the morning and once at night to avoid breakouts, but not too often or you’ll strip your skin of essential natural oils and leave it dry and crying out for hydration. You can start with ALOHA LOVE Nourishing Cream Cleanser and try SUNSHINE DEW Cleansing Oil if you want to double cleanse.



The purpose of toning is to lessen redness and even out the lighter and darker parts of your skin. It can also prepare your skin for any treatments that you choose to apply later. Products in the past contained harsh chemicals that dried-out skin in order to get rid of dirt and dead skin. At Earth Harbor, we have natural, soothing options that help even skin tone while leaving skin healthy and moisturized. Use TIDAL ROSE Crystal Hydration Mist to get started.


Moisturizer is essential because not only does it keep skin hydrated and happy. Try out MERMAID MILK Nutrient Glow Moisturizer or SIREN SILK Multi-Tasking Hydration Creme to get started. If you have dry or lackluster skin, try incorporating our oil-based moisturizers with our aforementioned water-based ones, CALYPSO Rejuvenating Moisture Oil and/or NYMPH NECTAR Superfruit Radiance Balm

Bonus: Treatment

Other products that you can use to supplement your ritual from time to time include ampoules and serums that help in the ‘treatment’ department (check some out here), masks (here are some of our masks to choose from) that are used 2-3 times a week to target specific skincare needs and refresh skin when it needs a little extra love, and facial oil or balm to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. 

For more specific steps and skincare gem suggestions, and what order to apply each skincare gem in, read more here on our FAQ page.


4) What works for each skin type? 

With all of these different steps and options, how can you know what is most important to focus on for each skin type? 

For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to stick to some basic skin types although everyone is different and there are other factors at play such as age, climate, daily habits, amount of sun exposure, etc. So with the following information, make sure to take into account that you are uniquely you. That means you might need to go through a little bit of trial and error to find what makes you feel the way you want to feel! At Earth Harbor we understand the frustration; that's why we formulate all of our skincare products to be mixed, blended and/or layered in order to create a customizable solution for your individualized skin!

With that said, here are some things to think about that can make finding a skincare ritual difficult:


It may seem obvious, but dry skin needs a little more hydrating love than other skin types. Focus on moisture when picking out skincare gems. Think about adding a creamier, slightly heavier lotion to your routine, but don’t overdo it or your skin could end up oily and irritated. 


Oily skin still needs to be moisturized, but it also needs lighter ingredients. However, oil absorbs oil, so oil-based skincare gems might be a good idea to try as a cleanser. Keep your moisturizer light and make sure it is not oil-based.



It can be hard to find the right products for sensitive skin. Luckily, our skincare gems are natural and can help you avoid harsh, artificial chemicals, retinol, and other ingredients that can irritate your skin. Something that you might want to consider adding to your routine is a soothing balm.


Combination skin can be difficult because you need to find the right balance in order to make sure your skin isn’t too dry or too oily in any of your trouble spots. Try more neutral products like a lotion rather than drying or oily ones.



Mature skin can soak in sometimes needs a little bit of extra care. Focus on products that increase cellular turnover, and that can remove makeup residue as much as possible. Soothing balms are a must, too.



To help prevent breakouts, try gentler products that won’t dry out your skin or clog your pores. Another important tip is to make sure you don’t try to scrub your blemishes away. This can irritate your skin further. Be cautious about the exfoliants you use and how you use them.


5) Get some extra insight!

If you’re still not sure where to start, that’s okay! Take our free Skincare Quiz to see what your skin needs! With Earth Harbor, you can be sure that all of our products will be guilt-free, environmentally-friendly, and good for your skin.

If you need help with what order products should go in and with what products to use, follow this link to our FAQ answer under “What order do I apply the skincare products in?”.

If you’re still a little stuck, we also offer free customized consultations at So, reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you!


Take care of your skin because it protects you and makes you glow! Show it some appreciation. Where ever your skin is at, rock your natural beauty unapologetically. Comment below with your favorite skincare gems!


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  • May 11, 2021

    I love the Blog. It goes into details, which I find to be so helpful!

    There are so many products, I want to try all of them.

    I am 76 years old, and have ALWAYS used high end cleansers, treatments, creams, and foundation; I have never had problem skin until a few months ago. I have breakouts on my chin area. I’m told that’s a hormonal issue. I don’t know if that’s true. I changed to “clean” or “green” products which are safer, but that’s about the time I started to break out on my chin. I used Crunchi brand products which are “clean”, but I wasn’t that happy with that line. Then I found Earth Harbor!
    Nothing has made the breakouts heal! I use your masks, which I
    love, They leave my skin feeling like velvet; however, the same
    Spots continue to breakout. The masks seem to make the breakout spots smaller, but they never go away completely. I’ve ordered Glow Juice in hopes of finding relief. So far, I live my Earth Harbor products and am purchasing some items for my granddaughters.if you have any words of wisdom to help me with breakouts on my chin, please advise! Thanks.

    — Goldie Brewster

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