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Happy Earth Month! Meet our New Adopted Sea Turtles!

Happy Earth Month! Meet our New Adopted Sea Turtles!

At Earth Harbor, we are committed to the earth, the environment and wildlife conservation— not just during Earth Month that takes place every April, but every day! By providing you with earth-friendly, skin-friendly self-care gems, we’re making the world a better place for everyone who shares it with us. Humans are not the only ones here and we want to spread the love. Along with that, we love the sea and we especially love sea turtles! So, if you’re missing the ocean right now, here’s a little visit with some marine life that will lift your spirits.


Georgia Sea Turtle Center

If you’ve seen some of our past posts, you’ll know that we adopted a Green Sea Turtle a little while ago named Krakatoa. Read her story here.

In May of 2017, Krakatoa was sick and weighed only 5.5 lbs.

Now, after some shell-icures (shell manicures) to keep Krakatoa from getting infections, a physical, measurements, and bloodwork, Krakatoa is healed and weighs 16 lbs. And guess what? After almost three years, we just received word that she has been released back into the wild.

Congratulations Krakatoa! This was a day long-awaited. Thanks for all of your guys’ support. You helped make this happen!


Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Pip is a baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle rescued from St. Catherine’s Island on the isles of Liberty County, Georgia. Pip was a straggler hatchling because she couldn’t make it out of the nest.

At the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Pip is fed restaurant-quality fish and seafood, veggies and vitamins in the form of seafood gel. Here’s a cute little video of Pip eating.

Pip started in a small tank and moved up as she started to grow and get stronger. She was given PVC pipe and carwash material that simulate the natural environment of a sea turtle to help Pip learn how to play and think critically. This will help Pip know how to live in the wild someday. With frequent veterinary check-ups and antibiotic treatments, Pip has now grown from 18.6 grams to 212 grams and lives in the Learning Center at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. As of right now, Pip is on track to be released into the wild this Fall!

For more details, check out the updates on Pip here.


Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Swiss is a Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle who was stranded and cold-stunned in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on November 19, 2019. Swiss was then taken to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to receive an intake exam from veterinarian, Dr. Norton. Swiss had lesions on her body and a lot of shell damage, but now Swiss is living in shallow water and being nursed back to health so that she can eventually be released back into the wild. Keep up the good work, Swiss. You can do it!

Learn more about Swiss’s recovery here.

We love our sea turtle babes! Keep an eye out for our next update. In the meantime, keep enjoying the sunshine and taking care of yourself and the earth!




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