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Self-Care Ideas For Social Distancing During COVID-19

Self-Care Ideas For Social Distancing During COVID-19

We’re all there right now, socially distancing ourselves and canceling major plans to “lessen the curve”— keeping ourselves, loved ones, and the most vulnerable people in our population as safe as possible from COVID-19 by minimizing its spread and lightening the load on the healthcare system. Thank you to everyone who is practicing all safety measures possible, from isolation to proper hand washing, to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Your efforts will truly make a difference in many people’s lives. Having my Masters in Public Health and keeping in close contact with my friends at WHO, CDC, state & local health departments as well as in hospital networks on the front line, I can attest to how key prevention is right now... and, yes, prevention often goes unnoticed and isn’t as glorious sounding as a doctor saving someone who is in critical condition from COVID-19, but it’s actually more important in the sense that prevention has farthest-reaching effects. Although you will never know exactly how many people you may be saving from getting the virus because of your physical distancing efforts, just know that it is literally making a world of difference and is the ultimate display of social solidarity.

Earth Harbor is vigilantly monitoring COVID-19 and is closely following all WHO and CDC guidelines— something I am specially trained in as a MPH. We are still fulfilling orders and at this time there is no delay in processing and shipping times. As a small family business we are lucky enough to be able to have safety measures in place where we maintain social isolation while continuing to run Earth Harbor. It’s also important to note that there is currently no community spread in our areas of operation and none of us have recently traveled. We strongly believe that we are all one world family and that doing all that we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is of utmost importance. And remember, kindness is free.. sprinkle that stuff everywhere!


On a lighter note, let’s explore different beauty-related self-care ideas that we can busy ourselves with while we spending this extra time at home!

 COVID19 Social Distancing IDEAS

Creative Masking


Let’s be real, a lot of the time we can barely even find time to mask once a week. Well, now is our chance to get around to using all the masks our heart desires (within a reasonable amount for your skin of course!) and getting creative with it! This includes 1) multi-masking where you put different masks on various areas of your face according to what those places on your face need most, 2) testing out mixing your DIY masks with different liquids other than water (ex. Mix Blue Nami Mask with Tidal Rose Hydration Mist), or 3) using multiple complimenting masks in one skincare ritual (i.e. Citrine Sea as an oil cleanser/physical exfoliator followed by Glow Juice as a phyto-chemical exfoliator, then ending with Nymph Nectar as a nourishing moisture mask.


Upcycled Food Skincare Smoothies


You know all of those awesome DIY skincare projects you’ve been saving on Pinterest over the years? Welp, now is your ripe chance to try them out! We especially encourage the ones that involve making fresh skincare smoothies out of upcycled food, particularly fruits and veggies that may be a little too ripe to eat (since we all need to be mindful of what we are buying right now and try to avoid grocery stores). Yum.


Beauty Cabinet Organization


This has probably been on your to-do list for a really long time now, so nip it in the bud this week! Go through and get rid of things that have expired (remember to recycle!), figure out which products you want to use next so as to not waste any, be mindful of ones that are nontoxic so you can start using them more often, apply Marie Kondo’s method to keep ones you love while also making them easily accessible, and consider giving ones you don’t want to friends or anyone who may need them to reduce waste while also making someone’s day since going shopping for beauty products in-store is basically out of the question right now; it'll also give them something to do while in social isolation-- just spray what you're giving them with alcohol to sanitize it, leave it on their doorstep, and shoot them a text! 


At-Home Spa


When is the last time you had a spa day? Welp, this happens to be the best way to treat yo’self when you’re stuck at home. Put on some relaxing music, light a candle, take a luxurious bath, use your entire Island Jade Collection (Facial Roller, Gua Sha, and Weighted Mask for the win!), do a multi-step skincare ritual, and enjoy some extra R&R. Also check out our green beauty tips for a perfect Spring glow here!


Reusable Beauty Crafts


It’s a great time to get crafty! Specifically with all of your used beauty products that have reusable packaging! Examples of crafts you can do with your old Earth Harbor packaging are making spice jars, using them for food storage, keeping your DIY skincare in them, making sand art, turning them into an organizational system for trinkets, using them to keep your kid’s paint in, and many other Pinterest-worthy ideas!


Learn How To Recycle Beauty Products


If you haven’t already, take some time to learn the ins and outs of recycling all of your beauty products! We have a blog post here that tells you how to recycle every little piece of your Earth Harbor packaging (because we are 100% recyclable!). Also consider finding your nearest TerraCycle drop off so that you can start recycling all of your beauty products to the max! Keep in mind that you need to avoid crowds, and if recycling involves going to high-traffic areas then you should probably hold onto your items until the pandemic passes.


Crystal-Infused Skincare


Bust out your crystals and energize them over the next few days, then add them to your favorite skincare! We all need some good vibes these days, so this is a great way to extend that to your beauty routine. A great example would be taking your favorite Earth Harbor Ampoule and then placing a single gemstone in it of your choice. You'll also want to read our guide to crystals of the month here!


Nature Walk


One of the best beautifying secrets is to get out in nature! This also happens to align well with social distancing as long as it’s a less popular area. We all still need to get out of the house and this is an incredibly beneficial way to do it for the mind, body, and spirit— particularly to reduce the stress and anxiety that has surrounded this difficult time. We also need that vitamin D, but remember your SPF!


Discover Skincare Alchemy


Did you know all Earth Harbor skincare gems are customizable? This means you can mix, layer, and blend them into beautiful skincare concoctions that are personalized to your unique skin. Now is the perfect opportunity to discover the best combination of individualized products for you! If you are already familiar with Earth Harbor and already have some of our skincare gems, then a great place to begin is and go to the products pages of items you already have, navigate to “The Ritual” tab, and see “Customize” so you can dive right into creating your own skincare alchemy!

If you are new to Earth Harbor, then taking our skincare quiz is a wonderful way to begin your voyage with us! You can also contact us here and let us know you'd like our skincare specialist to work through a targeted beauty ritual specifically for your skin! We look forward to setting sail with you!


Practice Skincare With Your Kids


This is something I always appreciated when my mom did it with me! Teaching good skincare habits is something you can do with kids of all ages. I have a one-year-old and three-year-old who have enjoyed me taking the time to teach them what mommy is doing every time she’s doing skincare, but even kids up to teenagers can appreciate this! You can walk your kids step-by-step through your skincare routine— letting them do each step alongside you— and even teaching them the importance of turning the routine into a “ritual”. Repeat it every day that your kids are home from school/daycare if you choose to! It’s also the perfect opportunity to talk about what self-love means. You can even take it a step further and discuss the importance of nontoxic skincare.

Bonus: You may also want to teach proper hand washing during this activity (or maybe even practice it yourself!) since it’s such a crucial skill to have in order to protect yourself and others from infectious diseases. We especially like our Lava Clay Healing Soap Bar for effective, yet gentle and replenishing, hand washing day in and day out.


We'd love to hear what other ideas you have for self-care and beauty during social distancing! Comment below!

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