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Your Perfect Earth Harbor Gem by Zodiac Sign

Your Perfect Earth Harbor Gem by Zodiac Sign

In astrology, zodiac signs are based on the position that the sun was in when you were born. It’s believed that personality traits can be predicted from a person’s sign. Each one of Earth Harbor's skincare gems has a purpose that caters to individual skin needs, but they also cater to personalities. Here are the gems you should try based on your sign and personality! 

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Aries | March 21 – April 19

ECLIPSE Sheer Mineral Sunscreen | Because you’re always on the move.

Aeries | Eclipse

Aries are bold, ambitious, and not afraid of competition. If you’re an Aries, you are always trying to get ahead and grow. You dive head first into challenges with no fear. You are a go-getter who’s always on the move. 

Because you’re always moving and going, ECLIPSE Sheer Mineral Sunscreen is your new best friend! She will protect your skin wherever you go and whenever you decide to face a new challenge.

Taurus | April 20 – May 20

LUNA RAIN Phyto-Resurfacing Night Serum | Because you’re determined.

Taurus | Luna Rain

Taurus are strong and passionate but grounded. They love relaxing and enjoying soothing environments. Taurus' passion gives them the determination and drive they need to create change or overcome difficulties. 

Because you’re determined, LUNA Rain Phyto-Resurfacing Night Serum is the gem for you. She is here to help you find healing from your day by refining your complexion while you sleep. She helps with dark spots, aging, and excess oil. 

Gemini | May 21 – June 20

SUNSHINE DEW Antioxidant Cleansing Oil | Because you’re lively.

Gemini | Sunshine Dew

Geminis are playful, spontaneous, and curious. Their lively attitude makes them highly social and fun to be around. If you’re a Gemini, you don’t shy away from attention and you love to learn. 

Because you’re lively, SUNSHINE Dew Antioxidant Cleansing Oil is here to keep up with you. Her formula cleanses your skin and leaves it soft and hydrated so you can be ready for the limelight. 

Cancer | June 21 – July 22

BLUE CRUSH Marine Perfecting Mask | Because you’re imaginative.

Cancer | Blue Crush

Cancers are gentle, genuine, and imaginative. If you’re a Cancer, you are creative and inventive. You have a very active imagination and like to invest your time creatively.

Because you’re imaginative, BLUE CRUSH Marine Perfecting Mask is your go-to gem. She will freshen your skin and leave it brighter and glowing. Her relaxing luxuriousness will give you peace to get your creativity flowing!

Leo | July 23 – August 22

NYMPH NECTAR Superfruit Radiance Balm | Because you’re warmhearted.

Leo | Nymph Nectar

Leos radiate warmth and comfort. They value independence and have a warmhearted personality. Leos are also courageous and usually competitive.

Because you’re warmhearted, try our rich and sweet NYMPH NECTAR Superfruit Radiance Balm. She transforms your skin by plumping and deeply moisturizing. Give yourself some warmth with this gem. 

Virgo | August 23 – September 22

CACAO COVE Detoxifying Vitamin C Mask | Because you’re practical.

Virgo | Cacao Cove

Virgos are systematic, logical, and practical. They can be perfectionists and like to improve their skills through practice. If you’re a Virgo, you are diligent and organized. 

Because you’re practical, your go-to is CACAO COVE Detoxifying Mask. This gem is your logical addition to your skincare routine. She helps with blackheads, blemishes, dullness, and uneven texture. 

Libra | September 23 – October 22

AHOY LOVE Nourishing Cream Cleanser | Because you’re easygoing. 

Libra | Ahoy Love

Libras are balanced and easygoing. They like to keep harmony in their lives. Libras are typically clever extroverts who like to go with the flow. 

Because you’re an easygoing Libra, you’d enjoy AHOY LOVE Nourishing Cream Cleanser. She is an essential morning cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. AHOY LOVE helps with dryness, the appearance of pores, dullness, and pH imbalance. 

Scorpio | October 23 – November 21

HELIOS Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule | Because you’re intuitive.

Aeries | Helios

Scorpios are intuitive. They are in touch with their own emotions and others’ emotions. Scorpios are able to form meaningful friendships with their deep level of empathy. 

Because you’re intuitive, you need a bold defense against the elements to keep your empathic energy alive. HELIOS Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule is the gem for you. She keeps you and your skin strong with her defense against pollutants and daily skin stressors. 

Sagittarius | November 22 – December 21

CITRINE SEA Purifying Exfoliation Potion | Because you’re optimistic.

Sagittarius | Citrine Sea

Sagittarians are optimistic and spontaneous. They inspire those around them to be positive and live their best lives. Sagittarians light up a room with their charm and positivity. They easily attract friends and lovers with their captivating attitude. 

Because you’re optimistic, you need CITRINE SEA Purifying Exfoliation Potion to keep your attitude in motion. CITRINE SEA will refresh your day and keep your spirit alive with the warmth and synergy she brings to your skin. She helps to smooth skin, calm flare-ups, and deeply cleanse. 

Capricorn | December 22 – January 19

GLOW JUICE Refining Enzyme Mask Because you’re ambitious.

Capricorn | Glow Juice

Capricorns are the definition of hustle. They are ambitious and goal-oriented. Capricorns are extremely hardworking individuals who are always problem-solving and innovating.

Because you’re ambitious, your gem is GLOW JUICE Refining Enzyme Mask. Just like you, this mask is hardworking. She improves skin clarity and skin texture, and even doubles as a leave-on spot treatment. GLOW JUICE will do all the work for you while you sit back and take a break. 

Aquarius | January 20 – February 18

AURORA Superfood Luminance Ampoule | Because you’re calming.

Aquarius | Aurora

Aquarians are calm, intellectual, and social. Their presence bestows a healing calm to those around them. They are sensitive to their environment and the people around them

Because you’re calming, AURORA Superfood Luminance Ampoule will help spread your calm energy to your skin. AURORA is a soothing and divine gem that will transport you and your skin to her calm presence.

Pisces | February 19 – March 20

TIDAL ROSE Crystal Hydration Toner Because you’re compassionate.

Pisces | Tidal Rose

Pisces are compassionate, sensitive, and empathetic. If you’re a Pisces, you have been through a lot of good times and hard trials that have made you compassionate to those around you. 

Because you’re compassionate, it can be hard to remain balanced and recharge. TIDAL ROSE Crystal Hydration Toner is a gem that will help you find that balancing energy. She helps to refresh and rejuvenate your skin from a long day.

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